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DegustEtna is a project that reconciles love for one's land with the desire to spread knowledge of the wine world.

It aims to give visibility to Sicilian wineries and everything they offer, from the enhancement of the wine itself to the diffusion of collateral experiences such as tastings and trekking among the vineyards.
The tool with which DE operates is that of web Marketing, with particular focus on the wines of Etna, today a symbol of Made in Italy.

With a strong presence on social networks ( Instagram , Facebook , Youtube ) the modus operandi of DE is mainly based on 3 categories:
- An "educational" called "DegustEduca" in which technical and inherent knowledge of the wine world is offered, in pills.
- An "exploratory" called "DegustExperience" in which with multimedia content and lots of post-production work the "followers" are catapulted into the cellars of Etna and all of Sicily, with an "episode" format dedicated to reality
local wineries.
- A "disclosure named "DegustEvent" in which all the events relating to wine are communicated, in Sicily and in particular in the Etna area.

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Gianluca Cunsolo

The mind of DegustEtna

Gianluca Cunsolo, communicator and creator of digital content, Graduated in Economics and management of tourism businesses at the University of Catania.

His passion for the world of wine was born after having attended several courses and read various publications on the world of wine.

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Salvo Diolosà

Photos, Videos & Contents

He has been involved in video shooting and editing for 16 years.

After having trained at the Milan show academy, he immediately worked as a video operator for several Sicilian broadcasters.

Today he is one of the founders of GROOVY , a team of videomakers united by
passion and long experience gained in the sector.

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Giovanni Liotta

He has cultivated his passion for photos since he was a boy.

Adventure photographer and storyteller, in love with his “Etna”.
Over the years he has had the opportunity to go to the most remote corners of the volcano and then tell his stories through the photos published on his page @liottagiovanniadventures .
Each new experience represents a great opportunity for growth for him.

His photos have also been featured in the magazine "National Geocgraphic"


Carmelo Greco

Web Development

Fiddling with HTML, CSS and JS codes morning and evening, he managed to become the creator of websites, even if over the years his real specialty has become marketing, in particular that aimed at lead generation.

A lover of nightlife, in the evening he "delights" as a DJ expressing his passion for music and entertainment.

Among the dreams of his life is to travel while working!

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Antonio Leo
Graphin Design & Social Media

Antonio Leo is a freelance graphic designer, graduated and specialized in Visual Communication Design. AIAP member, he deals with visual identity (corporate and urban) and editorial graphics.